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    Why Stonebwoy entered the TGMAs stage with his back facing the crowd

    When Stonebwoy took the stage at the Telecel Ghana Music Awards, his deliberate entrance with his back to the audience was far from mere theatrics; it carried profound cultural significance deeply rooted in the Anlo heritage.

    This striking stage act holds historical resonance within the Anlo culture, tracing back to a pivotal event in their history.

    History has it that when the Ewe people bravely escaped the oppressive rule of King Agorkorli in Notse, they strategically walked backward to evade detection, ensuring their enemies couldn’t trace their footsteps.

    This remarkable demonstration of resilience and liberation mirrors Stonebwoy’s own journey and triumphs, as he has also overcome obstacles to claim his place in the music industry.

    In a symbolic nod to this ancestral tale, Stonebwoy’s backward walk onstage served to confuse his enemies, echoing the tactics employed by his forebears in their quest for freedom.

    Before his performance, he was ceremoniously ushered onto the stage by an elder of the Ewe community, who bestowed traditional appellations upon him in the Ewe language.

    Though perhaps perplexing to some, these proverbs conveyed profound messages of honor and respect, emphasizing the importance of humility and wisdom.

    The proverbs spoken during Stonebwoy’s performance carried profound wisdom: “It is the chicken that is always closer to the hen that enjoys the fattest part of their feast.” This signifies the importance of proximity to greatness and the rewards that come with it.

    The second proverb, “It is true that a child who knows how to wash his or her hands dines with elders,” underscores the value of wisdom and humility. It speaks to the notion that those who demonstrate maturity and respect are welcomed into esteemed circles, regardless of their age or status.

    Accompanied by his anthem “Manodzi,” symbolizing reign and ascendancy, Stonebwoy’s stage setup featured a regal lion backdrop and the waving of the BHIM flag by a dancer, embodying strength and sovereignty.

    Crafted by Elizabeth Efua Sutherland, the great-granddaughter of Efua Sutherland, Stonebwoy’s performance was hailed as one of the highlights of the night, captivating audiences with its cultural richness and artistic excellence.

    Through his world-class performance, Stonebwoy not only entertained but also celebrated the enduring spirit and heritage of the Ewe people, leaving an indelible mark on all who witnessed his electrifying tribute.


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