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    Mahama is trying to programme Ghanaians to sympathise with his 'defeat' – Ex-NDC Executive

    A former executive of the Tema East constituency branch of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Stephen Ashitey Adjei, has described as a defeatist ploy, former President John Mahama’s constant accusation at the Electoral Commission over supposed collusion with the ruling NPP to rig the 2024 elections.

    In an interview with journalists in Tema Community 10 on Wednesday, Mr. Ashitey Adjei, who is popularly called Moshake, said the former President’s whine is a deliberate ploy to programme Ghanaians to consider him as a victim if he loses the 2024 elections.

    “This is not the first time Mr. John Mahama has gone on this deliberate victimhood tangent; it was the same ploy that he used after he lost the 2020 elections,” he said in reference to the former President’s latest jab at the EC.

    According to Moshake, “it is a rather irresponsible behaviour that everybody must condemn,” adding that the former president, “has begun fighting the referee even when the match has not yet started.”

    Moshake’s take is in response to the former president’s most recent tweet on X, formerly Twitter in which he claimed that the EC is conniving with the NPP to rig the 2024 elections.

    “The EC’s collusion with the NPP to rig the election will not work. They will fail!” Mr. Mahama had tweeted.

    As Moshake points out, the allegation is a sweeping one without any shred of evidence and proof.

    “Stuff like this, even party foot soldiers have began distancing themselves from it because it advertises your immaturity as a politician. You do not make such serious allegations as a former president without any shred of evidence,” Moshake averred.

    According to him, the former President needs to be called to order because by such spurious allegations he is not only setting up the EC for contempt and hatred, he is also undermining the EC’s staggering reputation.

    “On the African continent, Ghana’s EC has a reputation as being one of the best, and thus, attracting persons from other countries who come to learn from it. A former president accusing it of conniving to rig elections without any basis or proof is a most irresponsible behaviour,” he explained.

    Moshake reiterated that Mr. John Mahama is only preparing the minds of Ghanaians to sympathise with him when he loses the 2024 elections.

    “Nobody should mind him. If John Mahama loses the election, it is because he is not a winsome candidate and not because anybody has rigged any election,” Moshake concluded.

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