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    The Church has to come together to talk about the way forward for ‘important’ National Cathedral – Bawumia

    Flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, has addressed the subject of the controversial National Cathedral project, urging the church to take the lead in finding a way forward, including exploring private-sector funding options.

    He said the church must collaborate to find the best way forward as he believes it is a very important project for Ghana.

    “The question on the National Cathedral is a very important one. The National Cathedral; I have contributed to it personally and I believe it is a very important thing for Ghana but I think as it stands now, the church has to come together with the government and let us sit down and talk about the way forward for the National Cathedral,” citinewsroom.com quoted Dr. Bawumia as having said.

    He further emphasized the need for collaboration.

    “The church should come together and let’s know the best way forward, how we can even get private resources to help us complete the Cathedral,” he said.

    He also announced that there are plans to address long-standing land disputes in Ghana by making land registrations free for chiefs and digitizing the land tenure system.

    This initiative is part of a broader strategy to resolve issues associated with the land tenure system in the country.

    Speaking to the clergy in the Greater Accra Region, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia highlighted the prohibitive cost of registration fees as a significant barrier preventing chiefs from registering their lands, which often leads to ownership disputes.

    “Land in many countries, in the advanced world, if you want to know who owns the land, you can find it on your mobile phone, you don’t have to visit the land registry. So, we are going to move to marking and digitalizing our land. So many land disputes come up because nobody really knows who owns the land,” he explained.


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