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    Many Ghanaians value dual citizenship over Education – Top Journalist reveals

    Renowned Ghanaian Sports Journalist, Saddick Adams has called on Ghanaians to take it cool on a Ghanaian citizen who recently acquired Dutch citizenship.

    The man who resided in the Netherlands for years and recently acquired his citizenship, had claimed the Dutch Passport was worth more than a PhD. His comments incurred the wrath of a section of Ghanaians but the journalist observed that their anger was Much Ado About Nothing.

    Though he revealed he has his priorities and will prioritise education over anything, he indicated that many Ghanaians value dual citizenship over education.

    Read his post below;

    Don’t hate the guy rating the Dutch passport over a PhD.  That’s practically the biggest dream of your topmost leaders. And this is no secret.

    A whole legislator can abandon a role for close to a year just to give birth in a Western country.  All that for what? The Passport.

    I value education, but that’s me. However, to many many people, the biggest inheritance you can leave for your children in Ghana today and yesterday is dual citizenship.

    This notion is very well endorsed by the very leaders you’ve entrusted the hope of your country in.

    They may not express it but as obvious as it is, by conduct.  How about an ordinary man who has struggled to access that? It sounds like an insult to PhD holders and potential holders but it is what it is.  Let’s not dance around.


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