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    Latest video of veteran actor Emmanuel Armah breaks hearts

    A recent video of veteran actor Emmanuel Armah has touched the hearts of many as it revealed the current state of his health.

    The video was shared by his colleague, actress Beverly Afaglo, who visited him to commemorate her birthday.

    During her visit, Beverly received a warm welcome from Emmanuel Armah’s family, who were grateful that the actor had not been forgotten despite his years of inactive service in the Ghanaian movie industry.

    Emmanuel Armah was once a sought-after actor during the Ghallywood days, known for his exceptional ability to bring his roles to life.

    However, in 2018, Mr Armah suffered a stroke that left him bedridden.

    The latest videos shared by Beverly Afaglo show a significant deterioration in his health.

    The once vibrant actor now appears frail and relies on a walking aid for movement.

    The heartbreaking sight has sparked a call for better support and contributions for veteran actors who are no longer active in the industry,.

    Watch video below:


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