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    I will want a public hearing so I can let Ghanaians Know Who Bagbin truly is – Martin Amidu

    In a fiery response to demands for an apology from the Office of the Speaker of Parliament, Martin A. B. K. Amidu has declared that he will not withdraw or apologize for his statements and is prepared to face a public hearing to expose Speaker Alban Bagbin.

    The controversy began after the Speaker’s Communications Unit, led by Peter Bamfo, issued a statement on May 28, 2024, requesting Amidu to retract and apologize for his publication dated May 26, 2024. The publication included allegations against Speaker Bagbin, describing him as a “self-confessed corrupt Speaker of Parliament.”

    Amidu addressed the media’s portrayal of his statements, clarifying, “I never claimed anywhere in my publication that there was a secret meeting with the President in Dubai in 2021 (the year intended which was accidentally typed as 2021 was 2022).”

    He emphasized that his question regarding the meeting was directed at Asiedu Nketia and John Mahama, not Speaker Bagbin.

    “Mr. Alban Bagbin has no problem with my description of him as a ‘self-confessed corrupt Speaker of Parliament’ but raises issues with the question that has no reference to any ‘secret meeting’ for which I am still waiting for an answer from Asiedu Nketiah, John Mahama, and the NDC,” he added.

    Amidu further stated, “By Mr. Bagbin’s statement to all media houses he implicitly admits that he is a self-confessed corrupt person which means that he has no reputation whatsoever that can be defamed by me.”

    He also accused Joy FM of misrepresenting his words, stating, “Joy FM which refused to publish my article dated 26 May 2024 was the first source to publish the threat to me by Mr. Bagbin which dishonourably inserts the word ‘secretly’ into the question I asked therein.”

    Amidu made it clear that he would not apologize for words he did not use. “I wish to state for the avoidance of doubt that Mr. Bagbin shall never have a withdrawal and apology from me for words I never used in my article published in the media on 27 May 2024 which are variously true, justifiable, and constitute fair comments or questions on public matters pertaining to a public officer, the Speaker, in the public interest.”

    Challenging the Speaker, Amidu stated, “If Mr. Bagbin wishes to abuse the 1992 Constitution as he has already done abundantly in my perception and understanding of the constitution to cite me for Contempt of Parliament, all I can tell him is that I will want a public hearing so that I can let Ghanaians know whom Mr. Bagbin truly is, which is consistent with his own self-confession of corruption.”

    Amidu expressed his willingness to face the consequences, asserting, “I do not mind going to jail in Nsawam or anywhere on account of Mr. Bagbin’s dishonest and corrupt misrepresentation of the question I asked in my article. It will make me a martyr of the 1992 Constitution whose death in Nsawam or anywhere will be on Mr. Bagbin’s hands and conscience. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!”


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