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    Election 2024: Voting out NPP, a national assignment – Ofosu Ampofo

    Immediate past National Chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress ( NDC) Samuel Ofosu Ampofo has described as a national assignment the quest of the party to win the December 7 general elections.

    He urged patriots of the party and the Ghanaian community to vote massively for the NDC as a national assignment to rescue the country.

    According to him, the call for change has gone beyond just the members of the NDC but Ghanaians in general who are bearing the brunt of the mismanagement of the Nana Addo administration.

    Speaking at the inauguration of the newly elected executives of the NDC Canada Chapter, Mr. Ampofo who has been out of the public eyes for sometimes now charged everybody to put in the work to ensure the victory of the NDC.

    “Today the quest for the NDC to win the next elections goes beyond partisanship. It has become a national clarion call for all hands to be on deck to ensure that this inept NPP government that has woefully failed everybody including their people are voted out of office.”

    He urged the newly elected executives to set realistic and attainable objectives to help win the 2024 elections.

    According to him the main objective and reason for the existence of the NDC as a political party is to contest and win elections and that must be the preoccupation of party leaders and members alike.

    “The objective of the party is to win and form a government… So as new executives your work is cut out for you, you have a short time to deliver”

    He further urged the executives to harness what he described as the three most important resources needed to win an election.

    “In our political campaign efforts there are three resources at your disposal that you need to harness to ensure comprehensive and total victory. The first resource is human Resource, the second one is the logistics and monetary resources and the third resource is time and so you need to harness these three resources so that you achieve you short, medium and long term objectives” he urged.

    Mr. Ampofo further charged the party to not just work towards victory at not only the Presidential level but ensure a comfortable majority for the former President Mahama in parliament.

    He stressed the need for unity within the rank and file of the party adding leaders of the party do not necessarily have to be friends to work together to secure victory.

    “So the need for unity to progress is necessary, in fact, we do not need to be friends to work together but because the party has brought us together we are enjoined to work together to produce results,” he stated.

    Below are the new executives of the NDC Canada Chapter:
    Mr. Gameli R.K. Atakuma–Chairman, Mr. Aliu Abdul-Hamid–1st Vice Chairman, Ms. Keli Binder–2nd Vice Chairman, Dr. Eric Asempa–Secretary, Mr Michael Ologo-Organizer, Ms. Freda Atsunyo-Deputy Organizer, Ms. Aseye Kpodo-Women Organizer, Ms. Mabel E. Asempah-Darko-Deputy Women Organizer, Ms. Rebecca Bondzie, Deputy Secretary. Ms. Sharon Cudjoe-Treasurer, Ms. Samira Dzormeku-Deputy Treasurer, Mr. Frank Opoku-Youth Organizer, Mr. Ahmed Ibn Wahab-Deputy Youth Organizer, Ms Francisca Arhin-Communications Officer and Mr. Ahmed S. Zakaria- Deputy Communications Officer


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