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    ‘If you are a man don’t hand over power’ – Opare Addo responds to Bryan Acheampong

    The National Youth Organiser of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), George Opare Addo, has delivered a strong rebuttal to Bryan Acheampong’s assertions that the NPP will not hand over power to the NDC.

    Opare Addo emphasized that if Bryan Acheampong truly stands by his words, he should demonstrate his commitment when the time comes for a transition of power.

    Opare Addo’s impassioned response follows Bryan Acheampong’s recent declaration that the NPP will not yield power to the NDC following the 2024 elections.

    “Last year I stood here in Mpraeso and said that whether NDC likes it or not they will never win the 2024 polls. If you don’t win the election, will power be handed over to you? We will not hand it over to them today or tomorrow,” the Abetifi MP stated.

    In a firm stance, Opare Addo urged Bryan Acheampong’s family to counsel him wisely and promptly.

    “He is the one saying that and as I have understood him, he said that whether they win or not, they will not hand over power. If his mother or family head, they should advise him here in Abetifi. If he is a man on that day, he should come down and say he will not hand over,” he responded.


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