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    No baby has died over dumsor at Tema General Hospital – Management

    Tema General Hospital has issued a response to a circulating video depicting infants reportedly in distress at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) due to a power outage at the facility two days ago.

    According to reports, the hospital faced an unreliable power supply, posing a risk to the lives of the newborns.

    In the viral footage, a nurse captured the moment the hospital experienced a blackout and detailed how the power failure endangered the lives of babies in incubators.

    It was alleged that one newborn lost its life as a result of the power disruption.

    The video sparked widespread outcry on social media platforms, with many urging the government to address the power crisis to prevent further loss of lives.

    However, in a statement, Tema General Hospital has disputed claims of fatalities due to the power outage.

    The hospital clarified that the incident occurred when electricity from the national grid was interrupted, prompting the facility to activate its power backup system.

    Management explained that although the dedicated generator for the NICU experienced a brief malfunction, the hospital’s electricians swiftly rectified the issue, ensuring power supply to the unit until the national grid resumed operation.

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