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    A Ghanaian man’s help to disguised ‘beggar’ in Canada unlocks a $50,000 reward, job

    Stories like these, even for the journalists who write them, can be so emotional and heartwarming at the same time. And that is exactly what Richard, a Ghanaian living in Canada with his wife’s story exemplifies.

    It all started when one of the famous faces on social media who engages in social experiments, approached him, pretending to be hungry and asking if he had anything he could help him with to eat.

    Without a moment of thought, Richard pulled out his bag and handed over a pack of cookies to Zachery, the social experimenter.

    “Cookies? Is that ok for you?” Richard said as he handed over the pack to him.

    “No, that’s yours, though? Zachery responded, but Richard insisted, “No, it’s fine.”

    Richard then went ahead to pull out his wallet and hand over his last Canadian $20 to him.

    And then again, as is seen in the video shared on social media, the Ghanaian went away to get the pretending-to-be-needy Zachery a sandwich and a beverage.

    “You don’t even know me though?” Zachery said.

    “You don’t have to know someone before you do the person good,” Richard added.

    The following is a question-and-answer moment between the two, starting with Zachery.

    “What’s your dream?”

    “I want to be able to take care of my family?”

    “Where’s home?”

    “I’m from Ghana. My dad, he needs me. He has one of his legs amputated”

    “How much does it cost to fly back home?”

    “$3000. I’m owing my landlord 2 months rent. Getting a job here is not easy.”

    After this moment, Zachery tried to hand over the $20 to Richard, as he prepared to tell him the real truth: the truth the he was not a needy person, but the Ghanaian man refused.

    “I did it from my heart. It’s the little I can do. You don’t do good and get something in return. You just have to do it?” Richard said.

    “Are you here by yourself?”

    “I came with my wife. We didn’t know she was pregnant. When we went to the hospital, it was an ectopic pregnancy… she lost the baby. It was confirmed that it was an ectopic pregnancy.”

    “Since you helped me, I actually have $3000 for you to fly home to Ghana… from the bottom of my heart,” Zachery said.

    The big surprises that followed:

    “I got one more surprise for you,” Zachery told Richard, after which he walked him to a shop where instantly, he was offered a job.

    “I heard that you’re a hard worker and you want to work hard for your family. I think you’re going to be part of our family,” Ayad, the owner of the store is heard saying.

    And then, in a follow-up video, Zachery returned to give Richard, the Ghanaian, a much bigger surprise. Read their conversation below:

    “You know how I gave you the $3000 bucks yesterday?… how much is your rent?”

    “$800 a month”

    “And then how much is your school?”

    “It will be around $50,000… through you, I have a job now and I can save now and start paying on my own…”

    “I actually had one more surprise for you too,” Zachery said as he poured out the contents of a white bag onto the table: $50,000 in total from a GoFundMe that he has created for Richard the day before.

    Zachery eventually met with Richard’s wife who shared how devastated she was from losing her baby.

    Watch the videos below:


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