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    Richard Sky’s case must also be thrown out – Sam George

    Ningo Prampram’s Member of Parliament, Samuel Nartey George, has expressed his shock at the sequence of priorities set by the Supreme Court regarding legal cases.

    Sam George expressed his surprise specifically at the decision by the Supreme Court to address the case of South Dayi MP, Rockson Nelson Dafeamekpor, ahead of that of private legal practitioner, Richard Dela Sky.

    Richard Dela Sky filed an application on March 5 with the Supreme Court, seeking a declaration that the Human Sexual Rights and Family Values Bill, commonly known as the anti-gay bill, is null, void, and of no effect.

    The Ningo Prampram MP contends that the court’s order of proceedings would have been more equitable had it first heard the case about the anti-gay bill before turning to the matter involving the South Dayi MP.

    “What is surprising to me is that the Chief Justice has not called the Richard Sky case, which is almost four weeks old, before the court to hear that, but has called the case that was less than a week old. Because it is the same principle.

    “The principle the Supreme Court has espoused here, if you apply that to the Richard Sky case, that case also has to be thrown out, because it is equally very frivolous because the Supreme Court has no power to stay the hands of the president.

    “But if the judiciary is not being biased, if the judiciary is showing a mind of its own, especially the chief justice, showing a mind of their own, they would have called those cases because common sense is part of legislation and the work of the judiciary.”


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