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    Kofi Jumah reveals sole ritual of Freemasonry [Video]

    A prominent member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the current Managing Director of GIHOC Distilleries Company Limited, has revealed his membership in the Freemason Society.

    Mr. Maxwell Kofi Jumah, shared snippets of his journey into the society and outlined some of the qualifications for membership.

    He said it focus on building connections and camaraderie.

    He expressed his fondness for the society, highlighting the enjoyment they find in each other’s company.

    Mr. Jumah stressed that, the primary requirement for joining is to possess good character.

    “I’ve been a Freemason for some time now, and while I may still have dues to settle, I hold them in high regard. They’re a group that knows how to enjoy themselves.

    “We primarily engage in Bible readings; that’s the extent of our activities. I’ve never witnessed any other rituals beyond that. Freemasonry strictly admits men of good character. I was recommended by someone who saw those qualities in me.

    “The society isn’t exclusively for the elite; rather, it’s open to anyone of upright character. The key is to steer clear of criminal activities, such as murder or theft,” he said in an interview on Adubia TV on Youtube.

    Watch full interview below:


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