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    Jobless nurses accuse MoH of extortion for postings

    The Graduate Unemployed Nurses and Midwives Association has accused the Ministry of Health of employing illicit methods to assign some of its members by charging them additional fees.

    The group voiced dissatisfaction with both the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance for their inability to provide financial clearance and permanent employment opportunities for trained nurses and midwives.

    In an interview with Citi News, the general secretary of the association, Atta Asante, appealed to the Ministry of Health to expedite the processes of assigning the nurses.

    “Some of us are being ejected from our homes because we are not being able to pay our rent. Some of us are sick. Some of us have different financial burdens. We have done a lot of things, but nobody, nothing is coming out of it.

    “Any day, any time you go to the ministries, what they tell you is, go soon, it will come. We don’t know how soon this soon is coming. What is worse in the matter is, some of our colleagues are being posted underground. You ask them and they will tell you I had a colleague who took me GH¢5,000, GH¢6,000, GH¢7,000 to get me this posting.

    “You get to find out that even in 2022 those who are just about to finish their national service, some of them are in the wards working. Meanwhile, the 2020 batch are still in the house jobless.”


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