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    Prof. Gadzekpo given 7-day ultimatum to appear before Nzema leaders over gay comments

    Professor Gadzekpo in trouble with Nzema’s ; giving 7-day ultimatum to appear before leaders over gay comments.

    The Board Chair of the Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana), Professor Audrey Gadzekpo has been summoned by six paramountcy’s of Nzema-Land.

    This is in regard to claims she made asserting that  alleged homosexual practices are common in Ga and Nzema cultures.

    Six paramountcy’s of Nzema-Land have called for her to address the matter directly on their territory.

    According to a report by 3news.com, the chiefs organised a joint press conference expressing their displeasure with the professor’s comments.

    During an appearance on Joy Newsfile on March 2, 2024, Prof. Audrey Gadzekpo suggested that some Ghanaian cultures, including Ga and Nzema, have historical ties to homosexual practices.

    “The whole argument Mr Sam George advances, and it seems very logical that if you go into our history, because Kojo Besia is a coinage, it doesn’t mean that we practise it. Look, I have heard people who were against the bill but have admitted that when you look into some of our cultural practices, there are homosexual practices. It didn’t come from the West.

    “Which one? Well, I was in training, and somebody told us that when you look in… there are practices in Ga culture, there are practices in Nzema culture, for example, that sociologists have documented,” Professor Audrey Gadzekpo stated.

    In response, Chief of Lower Axim Area, Awulae Ati Brukusu III, representing the outraged paramount chiefs, condemned the comments as misleading and causing chaos in Nzema-Land.

    Chief Awulae Ati Brukusu III asserted,“In fact, she just made a misleading statement that has created a lot of chaos and panic in the Nzema land. And people have been calling and asking… a whole paramount chief; what is all this embarrassment? As if she was joking but she was actually saying something to me. Some of the youth can easily say to us that if it’s a culture within our system then if you practice, it is not any sin that is against the traditional norms of the Nzema area.

    “… Of course, it is totally no and it is not correct and it has never happened and it’ll not happen. Even the generation coming, it’ll not happen. Our ancestors never did that. I have been on my stool for the past 36 years and I have never even heard of such an issue,” he said.

    He emphasised that the professor’s remarks were not only false but also disrespectful to the traditions and values of the Nzema people.

    The chiefs have given Prof. Audrey Gadzekpo a seven-day ultimatum to meet with them in the Western Region and apologise for her statements.

    Chief Awulae Ati Brukusu III asserted that her apology should extend to all stool holders in the region, considering the gravity of the insult perceived by the Nzema community.

    “Come and meet us in the Western Region… As a matter of fact, if we have to go into the olden days, then she has to pacify each stool holder because it’s a big insult. She doesn’t respect us; she doesn’t care about us. At least, she should know who we are, what we are and how we are and not just be on TV publicly just because you are doing it for your own sake.”


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