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    Our ancestors are not evil – CPP’s Nana Frimpomaa to youth

    The National Chairperson of the Convention Peoples Party (CPP), Nana Frimpomaa, has urged the youth of the country to reject the mindset that things relating to their ancestors are evil.

    She said that such a mindset is a result of brainwashing, the same one that makes the country feel like things like pouring libation at public events is no longer necessary, or that it is evil.

    Nana Frimpomaa, speaking to GhanaWeb on the significance of Ghana’s independence celebration, added that should she become president, she will ensure that even when it comes to swearing oaths of allegiance, it is extended to every public official who represents the country in one way or another.

    “I am saying that it should be extended to everybody, including the customs officer, including the teacher, the doctor, the nurse; everybody who is a public or a public service person who is trying to represent us, using our resources to build this nation…

    “Our ancestors are not evil. Let no one deceive you. Young people listening to me, our ancestors are not evil. We’ve been brainwashed, we’ve been deceived, we’ve been lied to so, there is a disconnect between us and what we say. We don’t mean our words; we lie without nothing, we swear on the Bible and the Quran and it does not mean nothing to us,” she said.

    Nana Frimpomaa, who also aspires to lead the CPP as its flagbearer into the 2024 general elections, said she will work tirelessly to ensure that corruption is rooted out from the country.

    She added that as part of her work, she will do all that is necessary to ensure that the integrities of people in the country, on matters of corruption, are restored.

    “So, we are saying that before the Quran and before the Bible, Ghana (sic); we were loving people. If you opened your door then, nobody stole anything… today, it’s a different story. People go into governance only to steal to make money to take care of themselves, their families and their children; to build and acquire and amass wealth for themselves and that is not what I believe in.

    “This country will never develop with the corruption that we are faced with today. It’s too deep. It’s not just with the government; it’s from the government down to the security person; it’s too deep. We need to reset the button of integrity. We need to reset the button within our spirits and our souls; we, ourselves must say no, do what is right for the people,” she added.

    Nana Frimpomaa also indicated that should she become the president of Ghana, she will work hard to leave the country a legacy of a country that works, and not one that only talks without action.


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