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    ‘Incompetent’ Ofori-Atta should be nowhere close to the economy – Economist

    Economist and Professor of Finance, Prof. Godfred Bokpin, has criticized the appointment of former Minister of Finance, Ken Ofori-Atta, as Senior Presidential Advisor and Special Envoy for International Finance and Private Sector Investments.

    Prof. Bokpin expressed disappointment, stating that Ofori-Atta’s track record does not merit a promotion to a higher position.

    In an interview on JoyFM’s Top Story on February 26, Prof. Bokpin explained that while he initially supported Ofori-Atta’s appointment as Finance Minister due to his qualifications, he believes Ofori-Atta has not lived up to expectations in recent years and has left behind a disappointing legacy.

    “I respect Honourable Ken Ofori-Atta. Look, when he was appointed I supported his appointment looking at his performance in the private sector, we couldn’t have gotten it better, right? But overall let me tell you, what we see right now really does not give a compelling reason for him to be given another responsibility in the government,” he said.

    “Ghana and Kenya exited Covid-19 with similar economic fundamentals, similar challenges. The difference between Kenya and Ghana, as we speak right now, was simply because Kenya was a bit more proactive in reaching out to the IMF for fund-supported programmes right after Covid-19.

    “But Ghana, that is where I think that Honourable Ken Ofori-Atta failed Ghanaians because part of leadership is to recognise the signs and the magnitude before the average Ghanaian gets to know.

    “And the failure on the part of the Finance Minister then and the government overall in being proactive in reaching out to the IMF actually brought so much hardship on Ghanaians and I have said it, I won’t run away from that,” he added.

    President Akufo-Addo appointed the former Finance Minister as Senior Presidential Advisor and Special Envoy for International Finance and Private Sector Investments on February 15. However, this move has sparked concerns among many, questioning the need for his elevation to a new position.

    In response, individuals and grassroots organization, the Alliance for Foot Soldiers and Advocacy, have called for the revocation of the appointment.


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