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    How I was framed for a coup plot – Dr Agordzo reveals

    Retired Assistant Commissioner of Police, Benjamin Agordzo, who was cleared of any involvement in a 2019 coup plot, has spoken out about his ordeal and how he was falsely accused by the National Investigations Bureau (NIB).

    Mr Agordzo in a recent interview said that he had no connection with the alleged coup plotters, and that the money he gave to the late Dr Mac-Palm, a key suspect in the case, was for a medical outreach programme and not for any subversive activities.

    He said that the NIB had presented 13 witnesses who claimed that he had paid GH₵2,000 to support the coup, but he had explained to them the circumstances under which he made the payment.

    “I explained to them the circumstances under which I paid the GH₵2,000. Of course, they didn’t even know I had paid the GH₵2,000. I told them I had paid GH₵2,000 to him and even on the platform I had made a promise, on the open platform that looking at the medical outreach programme they were undertaking, I was going to support,” he said.

    He also accused the NIB of twisting his words and fabricating a false narrative as evidence against him.

    “I took my time, together with my lawyers, and put my case together, dismantling all that they had said and putting them in the context in which I said them, which the judge agreed with,” he stated.

    Mr Agordzo further revealed that he was summoned by the NIB for questioning about the coup before news of his alleged arrest and subsequent release on bail circulated.

    He contended that the authorities had already shared the names of individuals implicated in the coup plan with certain media outlets.

    In a surprising turn of events, the court acquitted and discharged ACP Agordzo and another individual from the coup plot charges. However, six others were convicted and sentenced to death.


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