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    Dumsor has not returned – ECG clarifies

    The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has addressed concerns regarding recent power outages, dismissing the notion that it signifies a return of the past ‘dumsor’ era.

    In a notice on Sunday, the ECG emphasized, “While there is NO DUMSOR, we are still working to enhance the stability of the power supply.”

    The company attributed the recent disruptions to local faults and encouraged affected customers to contact their call centers for assistance.

    The notice stated, “We have noticed the concerns about intermittent power supply in some areas. We understand the impact this has, and we are actively addressing all issues. While there is NO DUMSOR, we are still working to enhance the stability of the power supply,” it said in a notice on Sunday.

    Earlier, ECG had attributed the issue to bush fires causing damage to electricity poles and distribution lines, warning of potential legal action against those responsible.

    “If you are experiencing any power disruptions, it is a local fault, please reach out to our call centre on +233 30 261 1611 or send us a DM. Your feedback helps us address specific cases and ensures a more personalised response,” it said in a notice.

    The public was urged to take precautions when burning bushes to prevent damage to properties.

    However, skepticism has arisen, with some customers on social media accusing the company of covering up for the government.

    One customer expressed frustration, stating, “The lies and deceitfulness are too much!” Others highlighted perceived political bias, stating, “This would have been dumsor under an NDC government, but since it’s NPP, it’s intermittent power supply.”

    Residents from various areas shared their experiences of inconsistent power supply, raising doubts about the company’s justifications and calling for transparency in communication.

    “I was doing my laundry this afternoon and the light just went off. ECG needs to be truthful to us as tax-paying citizens of this country. The lies and deceitfulness are too much!” one customer stated.

    “This would have been a dumsor under NDC government but since it’s NPP it’s intermittent power supply in some areas. Wow! .The word ‘Dumsor’ doesn’t exist in NPP era.People are afraid to loose their jobs. Ah well, the good people of this will be the best judges,” another added.

    “Come to Twifo Praso, you may think it’s the Headquarters of Dumsor. Even when Black Stars were about to start the match on Thursday, it went off and came back immediately after the match. They switch off the lights anyhow here.”

    “My area some part have light some too don’t have and in the compound we are in some have light others too don’t have 3 days now no light why,” queried another.


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