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    If you want to know Ahmed Suale’s killer, ask Bawumia – Ken Agyapong’s camp replies Wontumi

    The campaign team of New Patriotic Party (NPP) flagbearer hopeful, Kennedy Agyapong, has responded to the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the party, Bernard Antwi Boasiako, popularly known as Chairman Wontumi, regarding accusations related to the murder of former Tiger Eye Pi journalist Ahmed Suale.

    Lawyer William Kusi, the Ashanti Regional Legal and Communication Head who leads Kennedy Agyapong’s campaign team, conveyed the team’s message during a press conference.

    He urged Chairman Wontumi to refrain from accusing their candidate, Kennedy Agyapong, of any involvement in Ahmed Suale’s murder and instead encouraged him to seek clarification from Vice President Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia concerning the case.

    Kusi emphasized that the responsibility for investigating and solving the murder of Ahmed Suale lies with the Ghana Police Service and, ultimately, the Vice President, who oversees the police council.

    Therefore, any queries about the identity of the perpetrator should be directed to the appropriate authorities, rather than pointing fingers at Kennedy Agyapong.

    In addressing Chairman Wontumi’s accusations, Kusi posed a rhetorical question: “Concerning Ahmed Suale’s death, who is responsible for knowing the person behind his murder? Is it not the Ghana Police Service, who is in charge of their council (the vice president)?

    “So, if the police finish with their investigation, who is responsible for handling such information? If he wants to know the person who killed Ahmed Suale, he should go to the Vice President and ask him,” he said.

    Kusi further drew a parallel to a past incident involving Chairman Wontumi, stating, “The last time he had a banter with someone, a former member of Parliament for Bantama, and the person was dead, people were pointing fingers at him. Would it be fair to accuse him of killing that individual? So, why would he accuse Kennedy of killing Ahmed Suale just because his name was mentioned?”

    Chairman Wontumi had posited that there have been instances where Agyapong’s threats have ended in people’s deaths, citing the assassination of Tiger Eye PI’s investigative journalist, Ahmed Suale, in 2019, as a result, should Kennedy Agyapong threatened him again he would get him arrested.

    “It is not true that I, Wontumi, have ever insulted anybody in the party. If Kennedy Agyapong claims that I have, he should bring his evidence.

    “He can personally send it to me in a document form or put it on a pen drive. I’m his younger brother; I will assess the document and do the necessary conciliations,” Wontumi said.

    “Also, it is not true, as Kennedy Agyapong alleges, that I am destroying the NPP. You came to Kumasi and failed to meet up or call any of the leadership in the party and government in this region, yet you attacked the Regional Minister, you attacked Kyei-Mensah, you attacked the Education Minister, and you attacked me, Wontumi.

    “Now you are there playing saint that it is me rather that is destroying the party. Tell me, who is destroying the party?” he quizzed.

    “I won’t insult you, and there’s no better person to kill your campaign than yourself. But let me send this caution to you, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, if you threaten me again, I will cause your arrest.

    “We all know how some of your threats have ended. Some ended in the death of Ahmed Suale.

    “I won’t respond to you nor insult you, but if you threaten me again, I will arrest you,” Chairman Wontumi remarked.

    Meanwhile, Gideon Boako, spokesperson of Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia has lashed out at a recent comment linking his principal to the death of an invetigative journalist, Ahmed Hussein Suale.

    Dr. Gideon Boako posted a tweet on September 19, 2023, hours after media reported comments by Assin Central Member of Parliament, Kennedy Agyapong, to the effect that Bawumia-led Police Council must know the killers of the journalist.

    “I have seen a headline published by the Ghana Post newspaper and some online portals on Ahmed Suale and the Vice President’s name mentioned. This is simply a reckless statement not befitting of anyone who wants to lead the NPP. Where did we sleep as a party to wake up to this…” Boako’s post read.


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