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    He didn’t do well – NYA dep CEO on Addison’s use of ‘hooligans’ on #OccupyBoG protesters

    The Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Youth Authority, Akosua Manu, and a member of the Communication Team of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Akosua Manu, has taken an exception to the use of the word ‘hooligans’ for the protesters who joined the #OccupyBoG demonstration.

    The word, which was used by the Governor of the Bank of Ghana, Dr. Ernest Addison, is something the NPP woman has disagreed with, stating that it is the wrong use of description of the protesters.

    In a reply to an undelivered petition to the Governor of the BoG by the leadership of the demonstration, which was aimed at getting the head of the central bank and his two deputies to resign, Dr. Addison said he would do no such thing.

    In his response, the Governor of the BoG called the protesters ‘hooligans.’

    “The Minority in parliament have many channels to channel their grievances in civilized societies, not through demonstrations in the streets as hooligans,” he is reported to have said in an interview with the international business website, Central Banking.

    But speaking on the matter during a live interview on TV3 NewDay on Thursday, October 5, 2023, and monitored by GhanaWeb, Akosua Manu said it was a wrong way of describing the protesters.

    She also said she finds it problematic for the Governor of the BoG to also serve as the Chairman of the Board of the Bank.

    “Hold institutions accountable but make sure that the things you want to hold them accountable to are things within their remit… I, for instance, am surprised that the Governor as CEO, also doubles as the chair of the Board. That’s not good corporate governance; it’s not.

    “… but at the end of the day, I disagree with the word ‘hooligans’ ascribed to the protesters. He didn’t do well; he didn’t do well on that score and I’ll take no precedence on that and nobody can convince me that those were the appropriate words to use,” she said.


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