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    BoG Governor is a masterclass in monetary mismanagement – Prof. Hanke

    Professor of Applied Economics at Johns Hopkins University, Steve Hanke, has criticized Bank of Ghana (BoG) Governor Ernest Addison, describing his him as a “masterclass in monetary mismanagement.”

    Professor Hanke’s comments came in the context of the #OccupyBoG protest organized by a minority of parliament members, who are demanding the resignation of the governor and his deputies in addition to the reversal of a controversial Bank of Ghana building project.

    In a series of tweets, Professor Hanke expressed his support for the #OccupyBoG protest, which saw thousands of Ghanaians take to the streets of Accra to demand the resignation of Ernest Addison and his deputies.

    His tweet read, “#OccupyBoG: Today, thousands of Ghanaians took to the streets of Accra to demand the resignation of Ernest Addison, Ghana’s central bank governor. GOV. ADDISON = A MASTERCLASS IN MONETARY MISMANAGEMENT.”

    Ghana’s economy has been a topical issue in recent months following a downturn occasioned by galloping inflation, depreciating currency and general decline in the quality of life coupled with high cost of living.

    The government has serially blamed the aftermath of COVID-19 and the Russia-Ukraine war before submitting to a US$3 billion IMF loan last year, if which US$600 million as tranche one has been credited to government account.

    Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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