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    Bawumia’s Victory Rally Should Rather Be Held At Accra Sports Stadium - NPP Chairman

    The proposal by the Tema Metropolitan Chief Executive that the victory rally for Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia, after the ruling NPP’s upcoming presidential primary on November 4, 2023, should be held in Tema, has been objected to.

    The objection to the presumptive proposition by Hon. Yohane Amarh Ashitey has come from the Chairman of the NPP’s Tema East constituency branch, Nene Ofoe Teyechu Agbadiagba lV.

    “Rather, the victory rally should be held in Accra, which is the national capital of the republic of Ghana,” he said in an exclusive interview.

    According to him, this venue is the most apt and ideal, “because it is a neutral ground for every Ghanaian who will be under the leadership of Dr. Bawumia if he becomes the next president of the republic. Besides the Accra Sports stadium is bigger than Tema’s own.”

    This is the first direct response that has been made to the earlier proposition by Hon. Yohane Amarh Ashitey that Tema host Dr. Bawumia’s victory party. According to the MCE, this would be right because Tema is that part of the capital which has the majority of pro-Bawumia NPP members and supporters.

    The Tema MCE, who is also the NPP’s Parliamentary candidate for Tema East, had announced that he was available to host the victory party at either the Tema Sports Stadium or the Nii Adjei Kraku sports complex in Manhean, if his proposition is accepted.

    However, even though Nene OfoeTeyechu applauded the suggestion, he said that Tema would not be representative of Ghana.

    “I totally agree with my brother, the MCE that we should plan Dr. Bawumia’s victory rally ahead of time because his victory is a foregone conclusion, but asking that it be done in his metropolis, is a bit selfish, if you ask me.”

    Nene Agbadiagba said the suggestion, if accepted, would create the situation where it would seem that Tema has appropriated the victory of Dr. Bawumia for itself.

    “The impression will be that Tema as a metropolis deserves more of the credit for Dr. Bawumia’s victory than any other place. Even though I am also a member of the Tema community, I respectfully think this is selfish and not well thought through.

    “The MCE must remember that Dr. Bawumia’s victory is not the end of the road, but rather a stepping stone towards the 2024 presidential election proper. This being the case, we must be strategic as a party with every move we make. Holding Dr. Bawumia’s victory rally in Accra would mean we positioning him as the national leader and figure, rather than a local champion for any particular locality and this is extremely important as we prepare for the all important elections in 2024.”

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