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    Abandoned government projects a threat to National Security – Yammin

    National Organizer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Joseph Yammin has accused road contractors in the country of being a threat to national security.

    He argues the abandoned projects have resulted in deaths, loss of livelihood and destruction to various communities, especially roads.   

    Citing abandoned projects in the Ashanti Region and calling out Kofi Job Constructions, Mr. Yammin says pressure must be mounted for them to complete road works and not only resurface when there is so much reaction from the public.

    “I am here and I am saying that people like the Kofi job and others are a threat to our national security. We have to look at it. Some of us will go a long way when this government changes; there are some contractors that we will make sure they do what they are supposed to do and the kind of deceit to the people of Ashanti region they will be made to pay for”, he warned.

    “Do you know the number of road projects Kofi Job has abandoned and anytime the people raise concerns they move in there as if they are doing something just to calm the people’s nerves and they abandon again”, he asked.

    “Have you passed by the Bosomtwe road, after Esereso everything has been abandoned. How long does it take to construct that road? It has been more than four years. Do you know the harm these uncompleted projects have inflicted on ordinary citizens”, he wondered.

    “Kofi Job is supposed to do a road from Ahwiankwanta to Santasi, that project was started in 2021. It is a security threat to this country to drivers who drive on that road and passengers who ply on that road. Huge caves, potholes have developed on that stretch due to the contraction and they have been left, he does not care about you. What he cares about is when there is small noise he will go and do something that we are doing something that is all” he said.

    He claimed lots of people are now jobless and are unable to fend for their families because of the destruction of their livelihood.

    “The number of people who were trading on that road, especially from Trede coming down to Kokoben had their containers and shops demolished and people have lost their livelihood as a result of construction. Three years on no meaningful construction is ongoing and nobody is concerned”. He disclosed.

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