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    David Oscar Calls Out Ghanaian Politicians Over ‘Hopeless’ Educational System

    Ghanaian creative artiste, David Oscar Dogbe has laid the blame for the state of despondency among Ghanaian youth at the doorstep of politicians, stating that formal education is no longer the key to the success of today’s youth.

    The reggae artiste who has achieved international success with his music, believes that education is not the key to success in a place like Ghana. He however recommended skills development, and common sense as the actual lacuna young people can explore to be successful.

    “Yes, let me tell you this, education is no longer the key oo. Well, it can be the key if you happen to find yourself at the right place but if you happen to find yourself in a place like Ghana, where all the politicians have changed the padlocks. Education cannot be the key. Skills… skills development is the key and of course common sense…wati anaa,” he said in a Facebook video.


    David Oscar Dogbe often sings about struggles of life; and how success emanates from one’s creativity and perseverance. Despite highlighting strongly the themes on lack of opportunities, injustices, and the hopelessness many people in underdeveloped countries face, he also sings about hope and resilience, the importance of never giving up, and the power of dreams.

    Expressing his displeasure over the mismanagement of the educational system in the West African country, he posited that it is not possible to achieve success by relying solely on formal education but honing one’s talent and developing relevant skills. He explained that developing one’s skills is the sure way to make a difference in the world.

    In an interview with this reporter, he stressed that, "Formal education does not always translate into achieving goals because young people lack opportunities and grapple with a lot of injustices and bribery perpetrated by the people in power. If you want to thrive, you need to develop skills and learn how to use your common sense."

    David Oscar is a successful musician, but he is also a social activist. He uses his music to raise awareness about the challenges facing young people in Ghana and underdeveloped countries.

    He also uses his platform to promote skills development and talent exploration. He is an inspiration to many young people, and he is a role model for what can be achieved throughhard work and determination.

    For more news about David Oscar log on to www.davidoscardogbe.com


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