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    I feel shy watching videos I posted in my depressed state – Funny Face

    Comedian Funny Face says he does not want to watch the videos he posted on social media during his struggle with mental health.

    According to him, he feels shy and surprised whenever he sees videos of him calling out to friends and family who offered to help him.

    “When I sit back and I watch some of the videos I feel shy about it…I cannot even watch them. That is why we have to take mental health seriously in this country,” he said.

    Funny Face, some months ago, launched vitriolic attacks on people who consider a threat to his success.

    Many including the mother of his children, Vanessa and his friend Emmanuel Adebayor were subjected to public ridicule.

    In spite of his conduct, his family managed to take him to the psychiatric hospital where he received the needed medical attention.

    During his stay, Funny Face said the nurses cared well for him and urged him to focus on himself to get better.

    “Now I control my emotions. Unless I don’t see them. They told me I don’t have a problem but I should focus on my emotions” he said.

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