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    We need a hospital built purposely for MPs – Henry Quartey

    The Ayawaso Central MP, Henry Quartey, says it is time a hospital is built to cater purposely for the healthcare needs of legislators.

    According to him, the pressure that comes with the job requires that MPs have medical practitioners dedicated to their well-being.

    He made this appeal on the floor of Parliament on Friday, March 31, 2023 when it was his turn to mourn the late Kumawu MP, Philip Basoah.

    “Mr. Speaker, perhaps this is the fine opportunity to respectfully…are there in place some structures for us, by way of counseling, by way of psychologists, by way of a specialist.

    “We have come too far as parliamentarians not to have a hospital of our own – maybe the time has come for Parliament as an arm of government to have a hospital built purposely for Members of Parliament.

    “I know that may sound a bit discriminatory but it will be appropriate to have that[hospitals] not just the parliamentarians but the Speaker and all who facilitate the work of parliamentary practices,” he said.

    He explained that the pressures from the late Philip Basoah’s constituents may have led to his untimely death.

    “I listened to a post on Whatsapp and clearly listening to this post, it tells you that indeed the honourable had problems in his constituency. There was too much pressure and load on him and I know that quite a number of my colleagues here are experiencing the same.

    He expressed his condolences to the deceased’s family, “We express our condolences to them and I pray that Mr. Speaker, this appeal that I have made will be considered that Parliament should have a medical facility.”

    To prevent a similar fate from befalling them, Mr Quartey also requested that a private recreational facility be established for them.

    Justifying his request, he said he is unable to park at any ordinary recreational facility for fear of his photographs being circulated in the media.

    “On weekends, we drive around Accra and you have no place to sit as a recreational centre as a Member of Parliament. Because you sit somewhere, the next thing is you are on the front page ‘oh MP was found here even eating waakye’. Mr. Speaker, these two things also help ease the stress – a recreational area for us and a medical facility,” he argued.


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