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    Sammi Awuku sponsors NPP mole in Tema East NDC

    The Tema East constituency branch of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is infested with a mole who is now scheming to become the Parliamentary candidate of the opposition party.

    This, according to Mr. Daniel Bakah, a member of the party and a lotto writer who has revealed that the mole is currently receiving financial backing from the Director General of the National Lotteries Authority (NLA), Sammi Awuku.

    “Sammi Awuku recently met all lotto writers from Tema in his office and unveiled his plan to us; he did not know that some of us are dyed in the wool NDC.

    “He said the NPP is going to break the eight and that the party does not wish to go through the difficulties that it has gone through with a hung parliament and so they are investing heavily to recover all the seats that they lost in the 2020 elections,” Mr. Bakah revealed in an interview.

    According to him, Mr. Sammi Awuku, who is also the former National Organizer of the NPP revealed to the lotto writers that the seats that the NPP wants to recover include Tema East and that here the ruling party is sponsoring a mole to become Parliamentary candidate.

    “I know the name of the person but cannot put it out because of legal reasons; but anybody who is in touch with party affairs should know the mole – he lives in Tema Community 10 where Sammi Awuku has rented a house for him.”

    According to Mr. Bakah, Sammi Awuku also revealed that the mole in question is a personal friend and schoolmate.

    “The plan is to heavily sponsor the mole to win the NDC Parliamentary ticket and then after that, use the mole to sabotage his own campaign so that the NPP can win the seat back in 2024.”

    Mr. Bakah warned the NDC’s leadership to therefore sit up and adopt a scrutineer attitude towards the mole.

    “A word to the wise is enough; if they will sit and allow the NPP to use a mole within their ranks to sabotage our grip on this constituency which is the only one in the whole of Tema that we have, its up to them,” he said, adding, “they should simply ban Sammi Awuku’s mole from coming anywhere near the NDC Parliamentary primary.”

    Source: Kofi Asante

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