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    Augustine Ahinful calls for transparency in 'shady' Chris Hughton contract

    Former Ghanaian striker, Augustine Ahinful, has taken a swipe at the Ghana Football Association for failing to make public the contract of newly appointed Black Stars coach, Chris Hughton.

    The GFA announced the appointment of the Irishman on 12th February 2023 and after almost a month, the Association has failed to make the terms of engagement known to Ghanaians.

    Media reports last week suggested the former Brighton and Hove Albion coach had rejected a one-year contract presented to him by the GFA.

    Though the Association is yet to respond to the speculation, Hughton’s continuous stay in the United Kingdom seems to give credence to the reports.

    The Ghana FA, however, in announcing Hughton’s appointment promised that details about the duration of his contract and terms of engagement would be made public.

    Speaking to Luv Sports, Arhinful, the former Black Stars striker expressed misgivings at the FA’s silence on Chris Hughton’s contract.

    “I don’t see why the appointment of the national team coach if he has been so appointed should be a secret,” he stated.

    “It will serve the FA right to come out and debunk those reports out there. We’ve kept quiet for this long and I don’t think it is right for all of us. This is no secret, if somebody has been given the opportunity to coach a national team it should not be a secret the agreement should be made public for everyone to know. Just tell the public we have engaged Chris Hughton for a two-year or three-year contract or a four-year contract. Just tell the public and then that’s it.”

    The former Grasshoppers and Trabzonspor striker says the posturing of the GFA on Hughton’s contract is creating room for speculation which is not good for the image of the federation.

    “Here we are every time, everything is shrouded in secrecy or we don’t want people to know what is happening and it creates room for speculation and that’s how come we are always or people are always having issues with the FA. Not only this FA but all the FA’s so far,” said Ahinful.

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