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    Gasmilla hits back at King Jerry; calls him his ‘pikin’

    The entertainment industry might be warming up for another beef as two musicians of Ga descent have started throwing salvos at each other. 

    Gasmilla has replied to King Jerry’s claims that he [Gasmilla] treated him unfairly in the past, a reason he wouldn’t want to do a song with him. 

    King Jerry told Andy Dosty on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz in an interview that he started music before Gasmilla, Nii Funny and Luta, so if he had to feature any artiste it should be one that is bigger than him. 

    “I just don’t wan do collaboration with am. Right now If I go do collobration, [it should be] big artiste koraa,” he said in Pidgin English.

    He added that he even featured on three songs on Gasmilla’s first album but when he also needed the ‘3 Points’ hit maker for just a song, he gave him excuses. 

    Meanwhile, Gasmilla has debunked all those statements by King Jerry, saying King is his ‘child’ who has received help from him on a number of occasions.

    “He be my pikin. You dey understand? He be my pikin. I put am on aaaa. I put am on plenty shows. I do some Labadi show wey I put am on. I pay am. It was a paid show. That one I pay am. The events he dey talk all e no be paid events. Ebe carnivals basically to say ‘thank you to the community’l,” he told Andy in Pidgin English. 

    Gasmilla added that since he got into the industry he has supported a lot Ga musicians than anyone else. 

    “This is the first time ever in the history of Ga music wey you dey see more artistes from the Ga side penetrate. Adane Best ein time, how many artistes dey? Tinny ein time, how many Ga artistes dey? My time, I make sure say I put everybody on,” he noted.

    He said as a brother, King Jerry should just had approached if he has any issue with him.

    The ‘Telemo’ hit maker said that during his Abelefest concert which was held last year, he billed King Jerry but the latter failed to attend. 

    “Even this Abelefest that I come do, I put you on, I call you. You no pick my call. Later I make my executive assistant call you wey you charge some dough. Later we call you say we go give you some dough, you say you nogo take am. After we post all the flyers out there, that is when you come that right now you go do the show,” he added. 

    Gasmilla has hit songs like ‘Telemo’, ‘3Points’, ‘Aboodatoi’, ‘Odo Yewu’, among others. 


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