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    Ghana@66: I believe in our ability to make a paradise out of Ghana – Togbe Afede

    The Agbogbomefia of Asogli, Togbe Afede XIV, has expressed confidence Ghana can be transformed into a paradise despite the current challenges confronting the nation.

    In an Independence Day message to Ghanaians, dated, Monday, 6 March 2023 as Ghana marks its 66th Independence Day Anniversary, Togbe Afede XIV in a statement said “It is true that Ghana is going through difficulties, with inflation very high and our currency, the cedi, losing more than 50% of its value over the past year.

    “More frightening, joblessness among our youth is growing, posing a threat to our stability. And worst still, our country is heavily indebted and unable to service its debts.

    “So, many of us are worried, naturally, that after 66 years of nationhood, we are very far from realizing the dream of our founding fathers – their dream of a nation that is able to provide, under indigenous leadership, the basic necessities to all its people and ensure their happiness.”

    Despite these challenges, the business mogul described himself as “a slave to optimism”.

    With his belief and confidence in the country, Togbe Afede XIV noted that despite the challenges, Ghana can be transformed “but it would require trustworthy, visionary, honest, and selfless leadership that works with a bold and compelling vison, backed by the right policies and plans.”

    He continued further that the better Ghana all citizens wants would further require that “we recognize the need to work together and do things differently. More of the same approach will not produce different results. It would require that we respect the truth, eschew divisiveness, and the winner-takes-all brand of politics.

    “We must accept that we have done enough politics, and that it is time we focus on development and the things that bind us together.

    “It would require that we put the interest of our nation ahead of personal and political party interests, and unite to confront our development challenges as one people. It would require that the state takes all actions necessary to maximize the rate of economic development and to secure the maximum welfare, freedom and happiness of every person in Ghana.

    “It would require that we insist on transparency and accountability in our institutions. Integrity, transparency, and the fight against corruption must become part of our culture. It would require genuine support to the private sector without discrimination based on tribe or political party affiliation.”

    Togbe Afede XVI also stated that while leadership is a common denominator in all these, it is fair to say that the fate of Ghana’s democracy and, thus, her development, rests, ultimately, on the people.

    He, thus, called on Ghanaians to change their attitudes and value system, eschew apathy and get involved.

    “Our current situation is the product of our past actions and inactions. Our future will reflect the actions we take at this critical time in our history. Fighting poverty requires that we all join in fighting every obstacle to our prosperity,” he added.


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