David Oscar joins fight against Tramadol

Reggae musician cum comedian, David Oscar Dogbe, has joined the fight against Tramadol.

According to the ‘DO Nation’ President, state authorities should intensify the fight against Tramadol before it destroys the youth.

The music icon’s post read, “Let’s advocate for that “poison” called tramadol to be nipped, but by all means, let’s complete the value chain by advocating for smoking papers to be banned too.

“After all, doesn’t the system label marijuana as narcotic? Otherwise, can somebody please ask the system for me why the Sandeep International Gh Ltd hasn’t been raided yet? Don’t we all know what rolling paper is used for? Is it to cook jollof or smoke tea grass?

“Weed is illegal yet “Rizlas” can be found and bought in open shops because it consistently gets imported into Ghana in the full glare of the powers that be.

“And I’m to clap for the system for allowing some big man/woman to be importing smoking paper into this country? Boi!

“Please ban tramadol, but by all means, Sandeep International Ghana Ltd has generously provided their email address….. ask them what rolling paper is used for. Whether it’s a new type of onion or tissue paper?
“Otherwise ban tramadol and stop pretending. Allo?”

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