Date Rush: ‘Wahala Dey’ as ‘Big Bootie’ Shemima chases laid back Ali

Shemima’s words after a date with Ali was “our match happened because it was love at first sight for me. I just knew I had a connection with Ali the moment I got there”.

But the question a lot of viewers keep asking is – Does Ali feel the same about his date?

Here’s the stunner. Ali when quizzed during their first date said Shemima does most of the calling.

In Shemima’s own words, she indicated that when she calls Ali, he tells her that he will call back and hangs up.

Admittedly, Shemima opened up to confess that she is totally into Ali, but she feels Ali is scared of her.

She consequently, assured Ali of her love for him. She added that she hopes to marry and bear children with Ali.

A fan of the Date Rush couple charged Ali to remain focused as everything points out to the fact that Shemima is neck-deep in love with him.

“Ali pls the lady loves you. Don’t fear the back. Focus on her,” the fan identified as King Dave 3880 said.

Well, considering Ali’s laid-back posture in their journey of love, Shemima could be setting herself up for a heartbreak.

Nevertheless, life is full of surprises, twists and turns. So, who knows, the wonder couple could surprise everyone with a beautiful marriage to live happily ever after.

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