Dame lauds Mahama for plans to review Article 71 despite being a beneficiary

Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Godfred Dame has commended former President John Dramani Mahama over his views on the need to review Article 71 of the 1992 Constitution.

The provision specifically deals with ex-gratia or end-of-service benefits for members of the executive, legislature and senior members of the judiciary.

Payments of sums in lieu of ex-gratia has often generated heated public discussions on its propriety and sustainability for a country like Ghana.

In recent comments on the issue, the former president promised to review the article if he is elected as president after the 2024 polls.

This promise is the basis of commendation from the AG who said it was in the right direction for the former president, despite being a beneficiary of ex-gratia for decades now, committing to reviewing same.

“I must, however, commend the former president for one thing. His contribution to the debate on the need for Constitutional reform. His views on the need to amend Article 71 on the payment of emoluments to certain office holders are of interest to me.

“Never mind the fact that he has been enjoying those facilities and privileges for over 20 years and continues to enjoy them,” Dame stressed whiles speaking at the opening of the Ghana Bar Association conference on Monday, September 12.

He has earlier in his speech as head of the bar, slammed the former president for unnecessarily critical comments of the judiciary, including claims that it has lost public confidence and that only a new Chief Justice could undertake reforms.

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