Da’ Hammer seeks help for Red Eye of 2Toff fame

It has emerged that the life of legendary musician, Red Eye of 2Toff fame, is in shambles due to a supposed mental illness.

This was announced by veteran music producer Da’Hammer, who is soliciting funds for Red Eye‘s medical care.

According to Da’Hammer, he received the news in a social media post demanding a call for action, accompanied by videos of Red Eye looking destitute.

Da’Hammer indicated he took up the task to find him, and he was located near a fishing harbour at Tema Newtown.

Red Eye was ambushed and sent to rehab centre at Achimota for medical care.

Da’ Hammer seeks help for Red Eye of 2Toff fame
Right- Red Eye
The music producer added that his situation is currently stable, kind courtesy a music studio inside the rehab centre.

He is, however, soliciting funds to pay the bills of the artiste who once entertained Ghanaians with good music.

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