Cycling needs massive overhaul – Boakye Yiadom

Mr. Kofi Boakye Yiadom, chairman of the Greater Accra Cycling Association, has reiterated the need for cycling to take a different shape as the massive potential in the sport has been disregarded.
Ghana’s cycling has been engulfed with various problems ranging from the ranks within administrative level, trickling down to the plight of certain athletes which has made it difficult for laurels to be won.

A clear scenario is what transpired at this year’s Commonwealth Games with reports stating that some Ghanaian cyclist went to the games without a coach, no shoddy gear and no bikes which led to huge media backlash with some cyclist enthusiasts calling for a probe into the disgraceful events in Gold Coast.

Mr. Boakye Yiadom, who has declared his intention of contesting for this year’s Ghana Cycling Federation (GCF) presidential race, has highlighted the need for Ghana’s cycling to take a complete overhaul making it a successful venture, capable of mapping strategies to make the sport very popular in the country.

In an interview with GNA Sports, Mr. Boakye said, “Ghana cycling needs a massive turn with regards to the way things are done especially at the top hierarchy.
“There are so many opportunities in sport and I am very poised in taking the sport to the next level when elected into office,” he stated.

Mr. Boakye lamented the retrogression of the sport in recent times considering the potential and his team have stipulated strategies that would make the sport strive.

“I would make a significant mark in the sport, because Ghanaians are not mean achievers. We always do better and become the best whenever we participate in competitions.

“We are tired of the various excuses as we have sight on getting results, winning laurels as well as capitalizing on the business aspect of the sports,’’ he said.

He added, “We look forward in improving the fun base of the federation and that’s where the business aspect of the sport comes in and we would think through the various opportunities to improve our financial base.’’

Mr. Boakye is expected to contest incumbent Mohammed Sahnoon in the race which looks very fascinating.

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