COVID-19: More than 1000 persons infected in Volta Region in one month

More than one thousand residents in the Volta region have been infected with the delta variant of COVID-19 in the past four weeks as the country continues to grapple with the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The region’s recent case count in the past four weeks is about 27% percent of a commutative 3,852 cases recorded in the region since the outbreak of the pandemic.

The surge in cases, according to the Volta Regional Deputy Director of the Ghana Health Service in charge of Public Health, Dr. Senanu Kwesi Djokoto is a result of the public’s disregard for the Covid-19 protocols and low vaccination coverage in the region.

The Volta region is one of the regions identified recently as a hotspot for the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The region in the past four weeks has recorded more than 1,000 infections of the Delta variant amounting to 27% of the region’s cumulative case count of 3852 since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Currently, the Volta region has 241 active cases.

The Ho Municipality leads with a total of 164, Kpando with 38, Ketu South and North with 11 cases each as the case count in South Tongu stands at 10. While North Dayi has 3 active cases, South Dayi and Central Tongu Districts have 2 cases each.

Due to the fast infection rate in the region, the Regional Public Health Emergency Management Committee at a recent meeting issued a communique directing stakeholders in all 18 Municipal and District Assemblies to reactivate and strictly enforce the Covid-19 protocols using local task forces.

So far, 50 persons have succumbed to the disease while 4 other persons are currently in critical condition in the region.

Though the infection rate in schools in the region is said to have gone down in the past few days, stakeholders in the region are urging the public not to lose guard of the ravaging claws of the pandemic.

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