Couple name their baby Yvonne Nelson; Actress is excited!

Celebrated actress Yvonne Nelson says she is humbled after a couple named their daughter after her.

The couple christened their daughter Yvonne Nelson Alimo to pave way for her to emulate the attributes of the talented actress.

At the pink and white-themed event, actress Yvonne Nelson was named the godmother of the infant.

The father of little Yvonne, explaining his decision, stated he prays his daughter would be hardworking and industrious.

Since his relocation to Accra, he said Yvonne Nelson has impacted his life positively and she takes advantage of their constant communication to impart knowledge to him.

He expressed sincere gratitude to Yvonne for accepting the honour.

On her part, Yvonne said the experience is very humbling, adding it feels like a dream to her.

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