Conversion of TOR into tank farm visionless – CPP

The Convention People’s Party, CPP, is unhappy with government’s decision to convert Tema Oil Refinery, TOR, into a tank farm and have termed the move as “worrying and visionless”.

Peterkin Kwame Kin-Adano, Acting Secretary of the Forum for Rebuilding the Convention People’s Party (FRCPP) has indicated that the opposition party is does not agree with the clandestine move by the incumbent government to collapse one of the few existing state companies.

“We register our strongest protest against this massaging attempts being made by the NPP government to completely scrap and turn TOR into a tank farm rather than expanding its production facilities,” he lamented.

Addressing audience at a press conference held by the FRCPP on Thursday, he said that TOR could thrive if the necessary measures and infrastructure are put in place to revive production at the oil firm.

If insisted that if the Akufo-Addo administration takes appropriate steps to invest in the facility “then the troubles of our refinery shall be a thing of the past and we wouldn’t be talking about scrapping it again to building others.”

He disputed the fact that the refinery, which had been operating since 1963, may be under performing because successive governments might not have done anything to expand the facilities but had rather milked it.

He added that, “Every good investor or foresighted president knows the importance of starting from very humble beginnings and advancing in the cause of time in order to match resources, projects and the need of the people at a time.”

He stated that governments over the years mismanaged state-owned enterprises by starving them of operational funds, adding that, “Corruption and other negative practices contributed to the low productivity of a refinery which could have expanded our employment capabilities as a nation.”

“We the forum for rebuilding CPP, find it worrisome that almost all the state-owned enterprises commissioned by the CPP government are being destroyed by successive governments,” he averred.

He asserted that if the NPP indeed wanted to create more jobs, it would rather expand the production of TOR than considering collapsing it.

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