Chris-Vincent writes: Willi Roi – The man I called a douchebag is dead

In one of my many articles, I called Willi Roi a douchebag and wondered who even hired him to Zylofon at the time.

Today, it has been confirmed the man is dead.

The man was a douchebag and more. My opinion about him wouldn’t change just because he is dead.

In fact, death is inevitable, for us all.

It’s sad that he is dead—no matter the gravity of his heinous crimes against the airwaves.

Once again, his death should remind us all to be humble and live a life we really cherish.

For all the rush, noise and “bigsm” will one day be muted by what’s coming for us all.

Winter is coming and the only way not to be scared is to make use of the time you have today to really do the exciting things you want.

I just hope he was a happy man. For what it’s worth, he was not a coward like many Ghanaians and said his mind even though his words fell outside the scope of popular opinions.

Chris-Vincent Agyapong

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