Childhood cancer exists in Ghana – Emofra Africa

Mrs Theresa Dzifa Heletsi, Project Coordinator of Emofra Africa, an NGO which caters for the treatment and needs of children living with cancer in Ghana has called on the Ghanaians to assist the children.

According to her, most people are not aware that children also suffer from cancer, “people only think about breast cancer and leukemia, when cancer is mentioned in Ghana.”

She said this in an interview with

She noted the organization caters for the financial expenses and treatment of children living with cancer as cancer is an expensive ailment to treat worldwide.

Emofra Africa was founded in 2003 with the belief that all children should have access to affordable quality healthcare regardless of their socio-economic status. The non-governmental organisation is registered in Ghana and Virginia USA.

The Founder, Mrs Grace Marabe is the Corporate Director for KUO Fire Safety in Accra and has dedicated herself to this work and believes in the Emofra Africa motto “no one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another”.

The Project Coordinator noted that the NHIS covers a few expenses and parents are left to cater for major treatment expenses rendering them bankrupt.

She explained that children in Ghana suffer from cancer too and that the illness is not only associated with adults and appealed to corporate bodies and the public to remember the children who are the future.

Mrs Heletsi explained that chemotherapy drugs among others are so expensive such that parents are drained financially and are burdened leaving them poor.

“We come in and lighten their burden, we engage them in palliative care for patients whose cases have gone to the extreme as well as counselling for patients and their relatives,” she added.

Most parents become frustrated during the period of treating their children, so we teach them on how to cater for the children as the period is a very delicate period for the children.

She noted that it is for this reason that the organization decided to distress the children and their parents to release stress and tension by taking them to watch a kids movie at SilverBird Cinemas at the Accra Mall.

She noted that children suffering from cancer become depressed during the treatment and that outmost care must be given to them during this period to cheer them up.

She disclosed that the organization works with Korle-Bu teaching hospital to identify patients who need to be supported.

“Drug for cancer treatment is expensive and you may find a child who needs a drug which cost about GHC 6000 and must be given four of that, so you can imagine the cost.

“We have several success stories of children who have survived chemotherapy treatments with the assistance of Emofra Africa and added that they cannot do it alone.



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