Bullying, Show of Power!! MP Joseph Cudjoe dumps court to use Land Guards, National Security on litigated land

It has emerged that a Member of Parliament of the current regime of the 8th Parliament of Ghana and the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) who should know better has rather decided to muddy himself by disgracing the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and his party.

The man in question is the MP for EFFIA CONSTITUENCY in the Western Region, Hon. Joseph Cudjoe who has lawlessly and shamelessly defied a court restraint and warning not to trespass on a litigated 2 plot land at Bortianor Kasapa in the Greater Accra region legally and rightfully belonging to one helpless, powerless innocent citizen of Ghana.

The land is a 4-plot land but the owner commenced construction years back on a 2-plot and decided to reserve the other half 2-plot for a later project only to be forcefully driven away from the land by the MP.

In any case, if the MP has good intentions and also believes in his right senses to be the landowner why not follow the court procedures but rather choose to tread on this path of greediness.

Below is the Court Restraint Order:

The case has been moved from the Land Court 12 in Accra to Land Court 11 currently.

This is a classic example of some dishonourable elements within the ruling party who see nothing wrong with amassing wealth by expropriating properties belonging to the poor and the vulnerable in society.

Hon. Joseph Cudjoe, the MP who has refused to even show up in court, has instead been busy flexing his political muscles and exhibited daylight power by engaging arm twisting, bullying, and intimidating land guards with the help of some brutish National Security boys to forcefully grab the land from its legitimate owner.

The MP is on a land-grabbing spree and from all indications is bent on bulldozing his way to take the land in question from somebody who has toiled and sweated to gather resources to buy the land.

The MP is using and also believed to be supported by his Right Hand Moro Bawa, a National Security Operative at the Jubillee House including well-known terror land guards who are executing all the dirty works of the MP.

Leading the terror in this land grabbing saga are the likes of Chief Landguard Fadigah, Odi Ahenkan Care Taker, Owuo Landguard, Landguard Bright, Nii Komeh Blowman Ansah, Yaw Ntiamoah A.k.a Sani Abacha.

The helpless victim, Joseph Obuobi has vowed to fight this lawless Joseph Cudjoe and his accompanied oppressors to the last drop of his breath and blood.

“If a whole MP will throw a court restraint to the dustbin and descend so low to erect a wall at night and with the help of state security apparatus start construction on a land that has its rightful owner, and which is even in court then we have a problem as a country.

I have all my documents intact, land title, EPA, and all necessary legal-binding documents, and trust me, I am very ready for this showdown. So because people have political power elected by we Ghanaians, these same people we elected will use force and intimidation to take what rightfully belongs to us.

….If Joseph Cudjoe thinks he is doing the right thing why does he work only at night on the land? Somebody’s land and you are busy building at night when a Ghana court has issued a restraint against trespassing on the land,” he said.

Moro Bawa, National Security Jubilee House
Moro Bawa, National Security Jubilee House

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