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Bulldog attacks Akufo-Addo over Menzgold impasse

Nana Asiamah Hanson, better known as Bulldog has taken a jab at the government over what he describes as unfair treatment towards gold trading company, Menzgold.

According to the artiste manager, the gold dealing firm Menzgold has done no wrong for government to shut the company down.

The obviously peeved artiste manager took to his social media platform to express his disgust at the current brief close down of Menzgold.

“Ghana, the only place where fathers envy their sons, mothers envy their daughters, pastors extort from their congregation. Ghana is the only place where leaders don’t care, grown folks don’t care about the youth. That’s Ghana. Did we tell our leaders to waste their youth when they were our age so that when they grow old they’ll be greedy and spoil everything we have? Why? I don’t understand. God, I know that you aren’t in Ghana. Deliver us from evil, deliver us from these leaders.”

“A young man 34 or 35 years old, has found ways to heal our financial situation. He set up a company where people take the little they have to make what they can. Even people who don’t have jobs try to save and invest in Menzgold. People pay school fees, pay hospital bills. People live on what they make from this and we want to shut him down and cause panic. What has he done?”

“Even if he did something dubious, is this how to go about things? Meanwhile, the person hasn’t done anything dubious, stolen anyone’s money or broken any laws. This government has come and TV stations are closing down and everyone is complaining. Sometimes I wonder if you [President Akufo-Addo] go to the office. The 50 billion dollars that you are going for from China. That’s easy money for Nana Appiah Mensah to make through trading and you don’t need 100 years to pay for it. You should just sit down with him and let him teach you. Even the Ghana Beyond Aid you talk about, you don’t understand it. Which aid? Is it the same aid you’re going for?

“Everything is messing up and the place where people are making something, you want to shut it down. But you will take your money every month for doing nothing, drive V8s, use our fuel for doing nothing.”

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