BNI boss fired

The director of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) Rasheed Seidu Inusah has been relieved of his post, according to reports.

His deputy Dumfeh is taking over from him either today or May 2, 2019, government officials are saying.

Ambassador Inusah has been sacked over security lapses in recent times and lack of coordination between the police and the BNI.

Sources also say his exit may have to do with the saga of poor policing in communities, resulting in armed robberies, shootings and kidnappings in which police have, sometimes, been complicit.

Independent sources at the Blue Gate confirmed the change in baton, adding that the new arrangement, among others, is intended at reforming the entire security apparatus in contributing their quota to securing an environment of communal and national security in underpinning government’s economic and social transformation agenda.

Ambassador Rasheed Seidu Inusah replaced Mr. Akwasi Appiah last year.

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