Black women go agog at Meghan Markle’s royal wedding

It was joy and ecstasy for black women around the world as biracial, Meghan Markle tied the nuptial knot with Prince Harry on Saturday, May 19 at the St. George’s Chapel.

From a black preacher to a gospel choir, Meghan Markle made sure her African-American identity was reflected during her wedding on Saturday.

Women young and old have been inspired to see not only a biracial princess, but one who is incredibly proud of both sides of her heritage.

Mikki Taylor, the editor-at-large for Essence Magazine, has found that Meghan is ‘very clear about the magnificent truth of who she is’.

‘I think that Meghan Markle says to young women in this country that you are unprecedented,’ she told CBS.
‘That you must be your authentic self and thrive in it.’

And Meghan has become a positive role model for young black girls, including a group who excitedly celebrated the royal wedding with a high tea in New Jersey.

Jada, one of the guests, said that Meghan has proven to her that she can do whatever she wants, no matter ‘your race, ethnicity, what you look like’.

And, like Taylor, the girls love that Meghan embraces her biracial identity.
‘That fact that she does identify as biracial and she doesn’t try and hide it or anything, she’s very proud of it,’ said a girl named Natalie.

Another girl, Chloe, says she looks up to Meghan and sees herself in the new duchess.
‘I do see hope for the future,’ she said. ‘And so I hope that one day I can do something that will allow people to have hope in me and to believe in what I can do.’

Tyler Newman, 16, said Meghan has become a ‘face for women of color’.

‘Just seeing how she dresses herself, how she conducts herself and puts herself out in the world,’ she said.
‘She’s not just representing herself, but she’s representing all of black women and what we have to bring.’

popular television personality , Joy Reid, who also hosted a segment on MSNBC about the royal wedding, said that the day was especially special for African Americans.
‘It feels personal because of Meghan,’ she added.

‘It feels extremely personal,’ Lola Ogunnaike, an anchor for PeopleTV, agreed with Reid.
‘She’s such an unlikely princess,’ she added. ‘She’s biracial, she’s a divorcee, she’s an American, she’s an actress, she’s 36 so she’s a few years older than him.’

‘All these confluence of facts about this woman would make her the most unlikely person to be in this position, and yet we’re all here celebrating Meghan Markle.’

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