Betway holds 2nd Thought Leadership Seminar in Ghana

The leading online betting firm, well known for its efforts of promotion of sports, Betway, holds the second edition of thought leadership seminar in Ghana. The seminar was themed Positioning Your Brand.

The betting giant aims to churn out the sporting talent from Ghana just like it is doing in Kenya.

If you have tried your hands at betting online, like with Betway football online betting, you would know just how easy it is to bet on your favourite matches and win big.

In fact, you could bet on anything and everything from cricket, football, hockey to even horse racing, which means that if you know a game well, it is easy to make money out of it.

However, Betway believes that it has a responsibility of its own in helping the Ghana economy grow forward, a reason it recently held the seminar. So, what was it all about?

The Seminar Highlights: What You Need to Know?

The seminar saw attendance from sporting personalities; coaches, players and sports journalists. The seminar aimed at providing a concrete guideline to teams, managers and coaches for utilizing the sporting talents and how to effectively manage the team to garner sponsorships.

Participants had a glimpse of the brand marketing, social media marketing, brand positioning and sponsorships through the presentations.

Each of the events was marked by the presence of affluent speakers who have wide knowledge in the respective fields.

Betway in Ghana:

Betway is constantly involved with sports management activities in Ghana. The online betting giant created a sport supportive environment by infusing the element of betting.

The teams get a generous investor in Betway. Till date, different local clubs have benefitted from the donations made by Betway.

The training kits and the monetary help the teams in getting proper training. Together with that, the betting has increased the interest of general population towards the sports.

As betting involves an in-depth knowledge of the game for intelligent decisions, many are now turning towards the training.

The Betway jumbo jackpots are attracting even more people towards the game of football. Many youngsters are now attracted to pursue the career in sports.

The football is growing tremendous growth potential in this country.

Other than that, Betway is also involved with philanthropic activities. It is known for providing potable water to the areas with water scarcity.

The significance of the seminar:

The seminar was organized at a time when the Ghana football is going through a transformative phase.

The different league matches and sponsorships are allowing the local players to invest their all time and energy in honing their goal skills.

The same youngsters used to be busy trying to make their ends meet are now stress-free about their economic condition.

All thanks to the donations and sponsorships by Betway. However, the teams do need to know how to attract more sponsors.

The seminar will definitely serve as a guide for managing teams in the line of the international teams. It will allow them to have better training kits, coaches and ultimately infrastructure.

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