Berla Mundi declares stance on Anas’ “#number 12”

Radio cum TV personality, Berla Mundi is totally in agreement with strides taken by investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas to deal with the deeply rooted corruption in the country.

Berla feels his modus operandi is on point and is unsure, why maverick politician, Kennedy Agyapong is vehemently fighting the award winning journalist over it.

The NPP firebrand speaking on Net2 TV had said, “I am not against the investigations that he is doing, but the procedure is totally wrong; enticing people to speak so that he will go and blackmail them and make money, so he could build apartment houses in Dzorwulu and buy lands all over the country, is what I hate and God will not even bless him.”

But according to the TV icon, she totally disagrees with the MP, arguing that if that is the method he can use to eliminate corruption from Ghana and Africa at large, then so be it.

“… to be real, corruption won’t stop until people are exposed.

“I’m in no position to judge Anas’s mode of investigative journalism, but he has opened our eyes to the canker in this country. Many leaders and people in powerful positions are the reason why Africa is developing at such a slow pace,” she said in her tweet.

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