Bagbin out of the country for Medical Review a Second Time

The Speaker of Parliament, RT. Hon. Sumana Kingsford Bagbin has traveled to the United Arab Emirate (UAE) for a second time after the first on Saturday, November 27, 2021, for medical review.

The Speaker left the country on January 7 and is set to return to Ghana on Sunday, January 23, 2022.

The travel, according to a letter informing the president about the Speaker’s absence, is to honour an appointment for a medical review in the United Arab Emirates.

“I am writing to inform you of my absence from Ghana from Friday 7th January 2022 till Sunday 23rd January 2022 in order to honour an appointment for medical review in the United Arab Emirates.”

The letter to the president is circulating on social media, a day after the majority caucus in Parliament said the Speaker doesn’t notify the president about most of his travels.

“The Speaker of Parliament, in terms of precedence, is the third gentleman of the land and one expects that when he is exiting the jurisdiction he must inform the presidency ahead of time since the Speaker is the person to act as the President in the absence of the President and the Vice President. In all the many travels of the Speaker in 2021, he did not find it worthy to inform the Office of the President. What is the import of that?”, a portion of the release from the Majority stated.

Source: S.A. Kingsley.

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