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Awuku fires back at Hajia Fati ‘King Kong’

National Organizer of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) has hit back at the President Akufo-Addo fanatic, Hajia Fati Seidu, who has threatened to curse the national executives for making the Asylum Down headquarters of the party look like a deserted public cemetery.

Although, Hajia Fati, singled out National Chairman, Fredddie Blay and General Secretary, John Boadu, for the curses if they continue to sleep in their homes at the expense of the party and President Akufo-Addo’s government, the NPP National Organizer, Sammie Awuku, has subtly responded to the effusions of the “Iron Lady” who is often in open brawl with person she disagrees with.

Mr Awuku, took to his Facebook platform last Tuesday, April 30, saying to Hajia Fati “the National Officers of the NPP will continue to serve our Party Rank and File with Respect, Dignity and Determination. We are also united in ensuring that we deliver Victory 2020 for H.E Nana Addo and the Bigger NPP family. By the very nature of our schedules we travel round the clock to interact with the base of our party. We haven’t and will not shirk responsibility in delivering on our core mandate.All we ask for is encouragement and support. We will adhere to criticisms and advice but not ridicule and attacks. Our resolve is solid and will be vindicated in the end”. Let Love Lead!

According to Hajia Fati, while the President struggles to fulfill his many promises, the elected officers “Are working to bring him down”, adding the only time the executives come to the office,is when there is money to share among themselves after an issue comes up, then they go back to sleep in their houses.

In a video making the rounds, the outspoken NPP woman, who in the past has been involved in many assaults and brutalities at the same headquarters,alleged that, the national officers after campaigning to be voted to steer the affairs of the party, have reneged on their duties and responsibilities, warning their absence, could spell doom for the government.

She claimed in the interview with NASPA TV that, the officers in their numbers, have acquired private offices elsewhere, where they operate from, leaving the party offices empty.

Angry Hajia Fatia, asked the national leadership, if the national office was a “cemetery” to be left unoccupied.

Interestingly the office from which Hajia Fati spoke was said to have been given her by the National Chairman, Freddie Blay and her private residence, The Herald learnt was also at the magnanimity of the NPP National Treasurer, Kwabena Abankwa-Yeboah.

But in the video, Hajia Fati feared the sudden change of attitude of the officers, could lead to President Akufo-Addo, becoming a one term president.

She warned that in the event that the unexpected happens, they will be forced to curse the elected executives from bringing doom to the government and the party.

She also accused the officers of neglecting party members, who toiled to bring the party to power.

According to her, on days that the officers come to the office, they come with frown faces, drag their feet, all in their attempts to ensure no one comes to them for financial support. “They don’t help anyone”, she said.

“They have taken the positions and they are now stuck in their houses. They don’t come to the office as Nana is struggling, they are bringing him down. They are not taking care of party members.

They are sleeping in their houses.But when an issue comes, then they come and collect money to share. Party staffs are not being taking care of.

They see members, myself and they frown, drag their feet like they are pushing truck. It is the party that brought you to office. They don’t help anyone.

Take care of the youth because when you are climbing up, those down are the ones you are going to meet when coming down. They are the ones who are going to vote for the party.

Don’t let Nana be a one term President because if he comes, we shall curse you. Hey! Be careful did you take the position so that you sleep in your house? You have taken offices elsewhere and that is your new abode? Is the party office a cemetery?

Those of you who have taken positions when you took those position did you say you were going to work for the party? John Boadu, I will mention your name, he does not come to the office”

Haija Fati, played a critical role during the events that led to the removal of then General Secretary, Kwabena Agyei Agyapong, national chairman, Paul Afoko and Second Vice chairman, Sammy Crabbe.

Aside being involved in many, altercations at the party office, she is on record to have slapped an Adom FM reporter for taken her picture, even after the NPP won power.

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