Asiedu Nketia offers reasons why he ‘cried’ over June 4

General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress, NDC, says he was taken aback upon realizing that his name had been omitted from the list of dignitaries to speak at the event.

Explaining why the NDC chief scribe boycotted the event to the media, Ernest Kwame, said Mr Asiedu Nketia refused to attend the ceremony because of the omission.

‘Rawlings Is A Fool But He Doesn’t Lie’

“The party has a big family; I don’t think all those who call themselves big men can appear on the dignitaries list, looking at his face, he seemed very disappointed that his name was not on the list of dignitaries, so he appeared very angry,” he said.

The 39th June 4 revolution commemoration was held at Madina in Accra on Monday afternoon.

The celebration brought together previous and present executive members of the opposition National Democratic Congress.

About June 4 uprising

The Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) was the government of Ghana from June 4, 1979 to September 24, 1979.

NDC Has Lost Its Identity: Rawlings

The AFRC came to power in a bloody coup that removed the Supreme Military Council, another military regime, from power.

The June 4 coup was preceded by an abortive attempt on May 15, 1979.

Mr Rawlings led a group of junior officers and men of the Ghana Armed Forces in a revolt against the then Supreme Military Council (SMC II) regime led by General F.K. Akuffo.

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