Artistes act like gods when they get hit songs – Bulldog

CEO of Bullhaus Entertainment, Bulldog, has lamented the behavior of some music artistes after they find success in their careers.

He spoke on Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z show, during a discussion on the reasons, dangers and way forward in artistes failing to show up for events they have been booked and paid for. According to Bulldog, some artistes lack the discipline, and change for the worse after getting a hit song.

“An artiste would release a song… no structure, then boom the song goes all over the world, now they are gods in their own sense,” he disclosed. The experienced Artiste Manager shared his opinion based on his dealings with various artistes, and further noted that it is tough to assist artistes who are negatively controlled by fame.

“The few shows that come up, you guys go and play, then when they say [to the fans], ‘put your hands up’, the whole like forty thousand people, [indeed raise their hands]”. He revealed that it’s difficult to dictate to artistes when they attain such heights.

Bulldog insinuated that some of the artistes aren’t discreet and lack foresight in their careers. He mentioned how their vision is restricted to owning a car, a house, and chasing after women.

However, he believes that until artists learn how to construct bigger visions for themselves, they will fall short of becoming legends like Michael Jackson and Bob Marley, both of whom are of blessed memory but keep making impact in the lives of many.

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